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The ACLU of West Virginia maintains an active legal program to assure that the Bill of Rights and the rights guaranteed by the West Virginia Constitution are preserved for each new generation. In addition to our legal staff, we depend upon many dedicated lawyers from around the state who are willing to donate their time and talent to the cause of protecting individual freedom. The cases we choose often receive a great deal of attention because the issues we address cut close to the way people live their lives and deal with both traditional and new threats to civil liberties on many fronts.

We do not enter into litigation lightly. We receive hundreds of requests for help every year. From those, we may litigate or provide amicus assistance in five to ten cases. In addition, we may monitor and negotiate other issues without litigation.

The times when we are able to solve problems without filing suit - by quietly and patiently educating public officials about constitutional rights - do not generate much media attention but are an equally important part of our legal program. Our goal remains to realize the promise of the Bill of Rights for all and to expand the reach of its guarantees to new areas.

While we do not generally accept intake in person or by phone, if you hve a disability and require an accommodation to effectively submit your complaint in another format, you may reach us in th emanner most convenient to you (including by postal mail, phone: 304-345-9246 ext 101 or email mail@acluwv.org.) and simply indicate that you require an accommodation and the best way to reach you.  Our staff will make arrangement to received your complaint as soon as we are able


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