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At the ACLU of West Virginia, legislation plays an integral role in ensuring civil liberties.  In our effort, we maintain a full-time presence at the West Virginia Legislature and work closely with the ACLU national office. In general the ACLU of WV takes a two pronged approach to legislation.

First, we believe that the best offense is a good defense.  In our efforts to protect the Bill of Rights, we do our best to prevent unconstitutional bills from becoming law.

While we often combat legislation, we know progress also requires a well planned offense.  So, ACLU of WV works alongside other organizations to develop, influence, and lobby for policies that further advance your liberties.

While we constantly monitor legislation to keep you informed, our real strength lies in you! The strength of our influence comes courtesy of our extensive grassroots network of volunteers stand ready to visit, call, write or email elected officials.


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