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8/29/2012: Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks West Virginia Single-Sex Middle School Program Rooted in Stereotypes

8/16/2012: West Virginia Family Challenges Single-Sex Classes

7/25/2012: ACLU of WV files Lawsuit against Law Enforcement for Racial Profiling of African American Student

7/02/2012: My Daughters Deserve To Be Taught More than Stereotypes

6/25/2012: West Virginia School District Suspends 8 Year Old Single-Sex Education Program Founded on Stereotypes

6/25/2012: ACLU Settles Sexually Intrusive Arrest Case against West Virginia Police

6/17/2012: State ACLU organizer goes out with glory

6/7/2012: ACLU: Single Sex Classes Halted at W.Va. School

6/6/2012: West Virginia School District Suspends Single-Sex Classes Rooted in Stereotypes

6/01/2012:  ACLU of WV Spring Newsletter

5/22/2012:  ACLU takes aim at Vandy

5/22/2012: ACLU: W.Va. counties' single-sex classes illegal

5/21/2012: ACLU condemns single-sex classes at two schools

5/21/2012: State ACLU honors longtime advocate

5/7/2012: Sarah Rogers: Drug testing wrong, wasteful

3/31/2012: Rally seeks answers, unity in wake of Trayvon Martin incident

3/25/2012: Legislative Actions Speak Louder than Studies

2/24/2012: W.Va. considers updates to new anti-bullying law

2/22/2012: Report urges W.Va. sentencing, parole reforms

1/04/2012: ACLU Demand Harrison County, West Virginia, Stop Funding JesusFest

12/3/2011: December 2011 Newsletter

08/22/2012: W.Va. Civil Rights groups fight bullying

08/16/2011: "Groups Launch Anti-Bullying Campaign" The Journal

08/01/2011: Fall 2011 Newsletter

07/12/2011: "War on Drugs has Broken Everything but the Trade", Op Ed Article by Alyson Clements

04/01/2011:  April 2011 Newsletter 

12/13/2010: December 2010 Newsletter (1.04 .pdf)

11/29/2010: "Allow Gays in Military" Op-ed by Franklin Crabtree

8/31/2010: August 2010 Newsletter (1.8 MB .pdf)

12/29/2009: December 2009 Newsletter  (1.5 MB .pdf)

"Rights Aren't Subject to Majority Rule", Op Ed Article by Terri Baur   (28KB .pdf)

"The Infalliable Officer", Op Ed Article by Matthew Bova (30KB .pdf)

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