Every year, we push back against efforts to chip away at the right to an abortion in West Virginia, but we could see our biggest battle yet in 2022. 

The U.S. Supreme Court will hand down a decision this summer in the Dobbs v. Jackson Whole Women's Health case. It's possible the court could overturn or significantly weaken Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that confirmed the constitutional right to an abortion. If that happens, it will be a red alert situation. We will need all of our supporters contacting their legislators to tell them to preserve reproductive freedom in our state. 

Abortion is still legal in West Virginia. ACLU-WV and our allies will keep fighting to make sure it not only stays that way, but that access to care is also expanded. 

With so much at stake, it’s vital that we not only get ready for a fight in 2022, but have important conversations about abortion right now. 

Here are some things you can do to support abortion rights and prepare for this continued fight for reproductive rights:

  • Support WV’s only abortion provider, the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia.
  • Support the Choice Fund.
  • Support groups like the ACLU-WV fighting against SB8 and other attacks on abortion access.
  • Read abortion stories shared by the Women’s Health Center and/or share your story
  • Volunteer as a clinic escort at the Women’s Health Center (or at a clinic near you) to help patients feel safe and supported when seeking services due to an increase in harassment and intimidation from anti-abortion protesters.
  • Learn about abortions before Roe v. Wade.  Watch documentaries like ‘Motherless: A Legacy of Loss from Illegal Abortion’ to learn about the dangers of illegal abortions prior to Roe.
  • Have conversations about abortion - what it means to you and others you know - and why access to safe, legal abortion is so critical.  Make sure you are having these conversations with friends, neighbors, family, etc. who need to hear it - not just among supporters 
  • Follow us on social media for updates and events related to abortion rights, legislative advocacy, and more.

If you need an abortion, contact the Women’s Health Center in Charleston, WV or visit https://ineedana.com/ to find a provider near you. 

Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is a right. Abortion is still legal in West Virginia, and we will never stop fighting alongside you to keep it that way.