Bryan Lewin, advocacy associate for the ACLU of West Virginia, stands in front a tree with orange leaves.

Bryan Lewin, a former Mountaineer basketballer-turned Harlem Globetrotter-turned advocate, has dedicated his life to making a positive impact on society. With a remarkable career in professional basketball and a passion for social change, he has seamlessly transitioned from dazzling audiences to inspiring change.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Bryan exhibited a love for basketball from a young age. His dedication to the sport led him to excel in high school, earning a scholarship to Laurinburg Preparatory School in North Carolina and then to Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas, where he earned First Team All-American Honors. Bryan then took his talents to West Virginia University where he showcased his exceptional skills on the basketball court. After an outstanding college career, Bryan went overseas for a few years and then was scouted by the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters.

As a Globetrotter, Bryan wowed audiences across the globe with his exceptional ball-handling, athleticism and charisma. He became a fan favorite, renowned for his entertaining and innovative style of play. His time with the Globetrotters not only brought joy and laughter to countless fans, but also allowed him to travel and experience different cultures, deepening his understanding of the world.

But Bryan felt a calling to do more with his platform. Inspired by his own experiences and challenges faced by many people in underserved communities, he made the decision to transition into advocacy. His mission was to use his influences to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Bryan has focused his advocacy efforts on critical issues, including:

Youth Empowerment – Bryan works to empower young people, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, through mentorship programs and initiatives aimed at providing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Community Development – Bryan has been involved in workforce development projects and promoting access to quality healthcare and education in underserved communities.

Racial Equality – A staunch advocate for racial equality and social justice, Bryan has been involved in promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as working to address racial disparities in various aspects of society.

Education and Literacy – Recognizing the transformative power of literacy and education, Bryan has worked to improve access to learning in underserved communities. Fore more than five years, he also served as a career development specialist at Mount Olive Correctional Complex and Jail, focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration.