Ahead of the 2021 Election, we sent questionnaires to candidates running for City Council on a range of issues.  Click on candidates' names to view their responses.

These responses have been provided by the candidates and have not been edited or transcribed by us.  The ACLU is non-partisan.  We do not endorse candidates, and these responses are for voter education only.

You can check your voter registration status here.

Important Dates:
April 6 - Voter Registration Deadline
April 14-24 - Early Voting (find your early voting location)
April 27 - Election Day (find your polling place)
Find more election information here.

1st Ward:

2nd Ward:

3rd Ward:

  • Paul Liller (Write-In Candidate. Name will not apear on ballot.)
  • Ixya Vega (Write-In Candidate. Name will not appear on ballot.)

4th Ward:

5th Ward:

6th Ward:

7th Ward: