The ACLU handles cases that involve serious violations of civil liberties by the government. We do not have a large staff of lawyers. We are funded through donations, and do not receive any government money. Because of this, we cannot take every worthy case that comes our way. In most circumstances we do not take divorce, child custody, landlord/tenant or private employment cases.

If you are seeking the ACLU’s help in a legal matter involving your constitutional rights, please, fill out our online complaint form

Do not wait for a response from us. Your problem may have a deadline for legal action. Seek help from an attorney immediately. We may contact you for further information.

Due to our small staff, we regret that there is no one to answer the phone line personally and that we cannot see people on a walk-in basis, give legal advice by fax, over the phone or through email.

Though the ACLU may be unable to assist with your problem, there are other agencies that may be of help.