Name Aaron Ransom

Office Sought State Senate

Party Affiliation Independent

District 10

City/Town Ronceverte

Campaign Website

Data shows that Black and low-income students are disciplined at a higher rate than their peers in West Virginia schools. Involvement of School Resource Officers (SROs) exacerbates these discrepancies and can lead to the school-to-prison pipeline. Studies show SROs do little to make schools safer, while contributing to harsher discipline and drawing resources away from other services like mental health and other support services. What is your position on having SROs in schools?

If we will not equip teacher's (whom wish to have one) with firearms, in the classroom, SRO'S are necessary. Not one single parent can put a value on the safety of their children.

Mental health has been a growing concern since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Conversations on mental health are complicated by the prevalence of substance use disorder (SUD) in the state. WV has long wait times for mental health services including SUD treatment. One proposal is using mental health teams as first responders. Would you support funding for more mental health response teams? Why or why not, and what if any is the role of the legislature in solving this issue?

It would be easier to support this idea, if it were done correctly and not just to say we have this available. Many times, in this state, organizations are put together and not properly funded or structured, and do as much harm as good. It would be a better idea to continue training the police to handle these issues, and or work alongside them.

In Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. In response, the West Virginia Legislature banned most abortions.  Do you agree or disagree with this new law?  What do you think West Virginia's abortion policies should be?

I am 100% pro life from conception. No child gets to choose the circumstance that brings them into this world, but our constitution grants every person in this nation the right to life.

Several West Virginia municipalities have passed ordinances that expand the definition of racial discrimination to include discriminating against traditional or natural hair textures and styles. Would you support expanding this protection statewide? Why or why not?

Yes. Discriminating towards a person due to their hair is ridiculous. It's a shame legislation should even have to get involved in this.

Many states have created laws that seek to limit the teaching of "divisive concepts" or "critical race theory.” West Virginia narrowly missed passing a similar law during the 2022 Legislative Session.  What is the value or harm in teaching these topics and what role should the legislature play in determining this curriculum?

CRT is divisive and has no place in our classrooms! CRT promotes and creates racism.

Currently there is no statewide law protecting people in matters of employment, housing, and public accommodations based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Do you support or oppose adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s nondiscrimination law? Why or why not?

No. 100% oppose. A person cannot be discriminated against for their ethnicity but sexual orientation is a choice. Choices have consequences. I have a biblical stance on homosexuality and the Bible calls it an abomination.

There is increasing tension with communities of people who are unhoused or face housing insecurity. Police breakups of encampments are common, and municipalities have shown growing opposition to low-barrier housing and recovery housing. How would you address community concerns while protecting the rights of unhoused people?

This is a huge opportunity area for this state. We can and need to do better at creating and maintaining housing facilities for people in need.

Jails in West Virginia are overcrowded, have some of the nation’s highest death rates, and are bankrupting some counties. Prisons are understaffed, making them dangerous for residents and staff alike. What steps should West Virginia take to address these issues?

There are people setting in prisons on Marijuana charges while rapists go free. We need to fix these things and make sure we are imprisoning the correct people.

Taxpayers who have served time behind bars and are currently on probation and/or parole cannot vote in West Virginia. The West Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee joined a growing number of states this year and passed a bill that would have expanded that right to people in community corrections. When, if ever do you think people should lose their right to vote? When should that right be restored?

Constitutionally, every legal citizen paying taxes has a right to vote. To do otherwise is taxation without representation.

Study after study shows that gender-affirming care is lifesaving for trans people. And yet, some states have banned things like hormone therapy and even labeled gender-affirming care for minors as child abuse. How can West Virginia, a state with a large percentage of trans-identifying teens, best protect transgender people?

Again, I will not support laws supporting teens and minors, or anyone else, trying to make themselves Transgender.