On March 26, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about mifepristone, a medication that has been instrumental in providing safe and effective abortion care for millions of people. Anti-abortion groups are trying to impose restrictions on it in every state across the country.

Abortion is healthcare and we're rallying outside the Supreme Court for mifepristone and abortion access.

Join fellow West Virginians on the bus to D.C. on March 26 and make your voice heard. The bus will pick up passengers in Morgantown (approx. 4 am) and in Martinsburg (approx. 7 am) before heading to D.C. for the rally. The bus will depart D.C. at 2 pm and make stops in the same locations (Martinsburg approx. 4 pm, Morgantown approx. 7 pm). If you would like to meet the West Virginia group in Washington, D.C. please complete the form and select 'meet the group in D.C.' where applicable so we can stay in touch and connect in D.C.

*Please make sure to fill out the form at the link for each individual who will ride the bus, even if they are part of your group so we can maintain an accurate number of participants.

Contact Community Outreach Director Mollie Kennedy at mkennedy@acluwv.org with any questions.

ACLU-WV Bus to Washington, D.C. - SCOTUS Abortion & Mifepristone Rally (google.com)