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Name Brooke Lunsford

Home City Salt Rock


What role do you believe the Governor plays in protecting civil liberties of West Virginians?

He leads by example, everyone is treated according to the 30 years of ethics training I have had as a realtor and insurance agent.


Which civil liberties issues are you most passionate about?  What do those mean to you?

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Several states have passed bills banning abortions at as early as 6 weeks.  If the West Virginia legislature passed a bill like this, would you sign or veto it?  Why?

Yes, I would ban abortion permanately.


Following an executive order allowing governors to refuse to receive refugees, West Virginia announced that it would continue to be open to refugees.  Would you continue or change this policy?  Why?

After we take care of the 7,000 foster kids who need help, we can help others.


There have been several high profile instances of misconduct by West Virginia State police.  What steps would you commit to taking to proving accountability and transparency for law-enforcement misconduct?

We have placed a tremendous burden on law enforcement, but we also have to maintain high standards. I will be transparent in all working.


Between the Safe at home program, and the pending Memorandom of Understanding between West Virginia and the Department of Justice, West Virginia has committed to keeping more juvenile justice involved youth in their communities.  How big of a priority is this for you, and what steps do you think the state needs to take to meet this obligation?

Young people are my top priority.


If elected, how do you think your office can help build public trust in the government and keep people informed about important events and actions?

Social media, governor out west does a great job, I will be a communicator of what is wrong, and of what we do that's good. We will praise those who do well, and work on those who need help.