We Must Reduce WV's Prison Population to Fight COVID-19

West Virginia’s prison system is like a maze with many paths in, but almost no way out. Most people get trapped inside, while the few who do make it out are worse off than before. And now, due to COVID-19, West Virginia prisons are an even greater threat to our communities. 

The virus, which cannot be confined by prison walls, spreads quickly from these facilities into our homes. With their overcrowded environments, sanitation problems, and limited protective measures, prisons have become virus hotspots nationally and in West Virginia.

Corrections systems should protect society and help public safety – but ours is doing just the opposite. West Virginia can no longer wait to reduce its prison population. We already have the tools we need to build more community-based systems of support, but we must act now. 

Call Governor Justice at (304) 558 - 2000 today. When you are connected, give your name and say that you are a West Virginian and that you want Governor Justice to make decarceration due to COVID-19 a top priority immediately. 

Please leave a voicemail if you don’t reach someone in his office.

You can also sign our petition calling on state leaders to reduce our jail and prison population immediately.