Imprisonment is a brutal and costly response to crime.  It traumatizes people and it hurts families and communities.  It should be the last option, not the first.  There are other responses to crime that can be instituted that emphasize growth and rehabilitation.
The ACLU-WV is committed to changing the state of the criminal justice system in West Virginia through this multi-year campaign and our ACLU-WV Smart Justice Blueprint.  
This campaign aims to reform prisons, end the failed war on drugs, reform the broken bail system and end cash bail, increase opportunities for reentry and rehabilitation of those with felony convictions, end racial disparities, improve access to courts and indigent defense, and more.
  • Reduce the number of people behind bars in West Virginia by 50%
  • Reduce excessive force complaints by 50%
  • Reduce the number of people in cages awaiting trial by 90%
  • Eliminate disparate arrest and incarceration rates for people of color


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