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Name Erika Kolenich

Home City Buckhannon


What role do you believe the Governor plays in protecting civil liberties of West Virginians?

The Governor is an essential figure in protecting civil liberties. Protecting the liberties and freedoms of individuals is the most important purpose of Government.


Which civil liberties issues are you most passionate about?  What do those mean to you?

Voting - The right to vote is the fundamental principle and the foundation of American government and society. To infringe on or take away an individual's right to vote is the worst violation of liberty possible. The right to vote ensures that we are led by all and not just a group. It ensures the future and security of all other civil liberties.


Several states have passed bills banning abortions at as early as 6 weeks.  If the West Virginia legislature passed a bill like this, would you sign or veto it?  Why?

Veto. Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, I believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.


Following an executive order allowing governors to refuse to receive refugees, West Virginia announced that it would continue to be open to refugees.  Would you continue or change this policy?  Why?

Continue. I believe all people should be able to travel freely so long as they are peaceful. West Virginia should welcome those seeking safety and a better life. The United States is a country built on immigration. New people and new ideas are essential to our continued growth.


There have been several high profile instances of misconduct by West Virginia State police.  What steps would you commit to taking to proving accountability and transparency for law-enforcement misconduct?

Any misconduct by police would not be tolerated in my administration. Frist, I would take all efforts to end qualified immunity and eliminate any barriers to civil lawsuits against police officers for violations of the law. Secondly, I would ensure that the State Police Department has a no tolerance policy for misconduct and immediately terminates any individuals found to be engaged in or condoning any such activities.


Between the Safe at home program, and the pending Memorandom of Understanding between West Virginia and the Department of Justice, West Virginia has committed to keeping more juvenile justice involved youth in their communities.  How big of a priority is this for you, and what steps do you think the state needs to take to meet this obligation?

This is a moderate priority for me. I believe it is important but perhaps not as important as many others issues we are currently facing. I believe that the Government can save both money and families by taking effort to keep children out of the system and with their families.


If elected, how do you think your office can help build public trust in the government and keep people informed about important events and actions?

I will also make it a requirement of my administration and anyone involved therein to always convey accurate and truthful information to the people. I will always put West Virginia people before West Virginia politics and will make sure that any and all activities of the government and the details thereof are made available to West Virginians.