Virtual Phone Bank Kickoff

October 6, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

In this important election, it is vital that we not only cast our ballots, but look out for our friends and neighbors to help them through the voting process as well.  

Whether they were previously ineligible to vote because of a conviction, unsure of their eligibility, or they simply feel disconnected and excluded from the process, formerly incarcerated people often find themselves disenfranchised as voters in West Virginia. 

The WV Family of Convicted People seeks to identify, support and lift the voices of people who have been directly affected by our brutal system of mass incarceration so that they can lead the movement to dismantle it. We are proud to team up with them to make sure that formerly incarcerated West Virginians have their voices heard in this election. 


Volunteer from home and help fellow West Virginians navigate the registration and voting process in the 2020 General Election. All experience levels are welcome! We will teach you the process and provide the training and materials needed to get on the phone and talk to voters - all you need is an internet connection and a phone to get started!

Join us from 5:00 pm for our phone bank training and make calls with us until 8 pm (or as long as you're able). Meet other volunteers and like-minded folks and help us make sure that all West Virginians can cast their ballots.

Please contact Mollie Kennedy at with questions about virtual phone banking.  Follow the WV Family of Convicted People on Facebook and Greg Whittington at to learn more.