The following editorial by Immigrants' Rights Campaign Coordiantor Jackie Lozano and ACLU-WV board member Ibtesam "Sue" Barazi, appeared in the Charleston Gazette-Mail on March 23, 2022. 

As the horrors of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine unfold in front of the world, it was deeply heartening to see the West Virginia Senate overwhelmingly pass a resolution welcoming Ukrainian refugees into our state.

“West Virginia stands with the people of Ukraine,” said Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Trump, R-Morgan. “The citizens of West Virginia are ready, willing and able to welcome hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to the State of West Virginia as new residents of the Mountain State.”

As immigrants ourselves, we couldn’t agree more. America should always be a refuge to those who are fleeing violence. We only wish the same welcome was extended to refugees from predominantly non-white and non-Christian countries. 

When Russian missiles were raining on Syria and destroying hospitals, schools and homes, where was the West Virginia Senate’s warm welcome for the people of that country? When families fled violence in places like Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico, where was our resolve to take in even a few, much less hundreds of thousands? 

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