Renters — the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has put a stop to all civil actions that do not qualify as emergencies through April 10. Evictions are not emergencies under the Court’s definition. If you have a court date scheduled for an unlawful detainer hearing, call the court to see if it has been canceled and then email us if it has not at


But, this isn’t enough. Governor Justice must issue a moratorium on evictions that will prevent landlords from initiating the eviction process while those economically affected by COVID-19 are struggling to stay afloat. Those that have lost their jobs and were living paycheck by paycheck are vulnerable to losing their homes as soon as the Court lifts its Order. 


In lieu of action on behalf of the governor, it is the responsibility of our local governments to act quickly to ensure that West Virginians can focus on health, not the loss of housing security, during the pandemic.


Read the Court's order here: