Today, we came together with members of the West Virginia faith community to voice opposition to House Bill 4204 - a so called “anti-sharia law” bill.
HB 4204, which purports to regulate West Virginia courts’ use and recognition of foreign law is not only unnecessary, but also has the potential to create significant unintended consequences in the everyday lives of West Virginians.


This bill is a solution in search of a problem.

It is motivated by an unfounded concern that so-called “Sharia law” is overtaking West Virginia courts, but there is no evidence of that. The First Amendment already prohibits U.S. courts from imposing religious law as civil law, so this measure is completely unnecessary. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports similar laws have been promoted by known hate-groups. And the American Bar Association formally opposes this type of legislation as well.
The bill was heard before the House Judiciary Committee before being sent to a subcommittee. If passed, it would create confusion and significant consequences for many families in West Virginia (those who marry abroad, file for divorce or adopt children from overseas), weaken the right of religious arbitration and produce a major blow to any potential corporate deals negotiated with international corporations and the state.
We need your help to stop this ridiculous bill.
Contact members of the subcommittee to let them know that West Virginia is no place for these types of discriminatory, fear-mongering and anti-business policies.



Tom Fast (304-340-3170)
Roger Hanshaw (304-340-3252) and
Mike Pushkin (304-340-3106)