West Virginians deserve better than this from elected leaders.

Yet again, we see a cozy relationship on display between white supremacy and West Virginia government officials.

A recently surfaced photo shows Jefferson County Commissioner Tricia Jackson posing with two Proud Boys as the men flash white power signs with their hands. Both men are wearing clothing showing their hate group’s insignia.

These incidents are becoming all too common in West Virginia government."In 2019, we saw a class of cadets for West Virginia's state corrections giving Nazi salutes in their graduation photo. That ugly incident was followed by the Westover city attorney calling Delegate Danielle Walker, the only Black woman currently serving in the state Legislature, a b**** and making light of the violent systemic racism she was protesting. Those are just a few recent incidents. 

We again must ask: how can public servants actually serve all people if they espouse hateful rhetoric or support violent, racist organizations?

West Virginians deserve better than this.