Less than two weeks ago, Alisyn Proctor released on social media a video of a Charleston police officer repeatedly punching Freda Gilmore, a 100-pound Black woman. The video sparked justified outrage by West Virginians in Charleston and beyond.  The night of the beating, the Charleston Police Department arrested Alisyn on a bogus charge of “disorderly conduct.” 


Civilians have a constitutional right to film law enforcement in public places without fear of retaliation.  Alisyn did the right thing, and for that she continues to suffer serious consequences, including the loss of her job.  Alisyn deserves to be lauded, not punished, for her actions.


The American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia is representing Alisyn Proctor in any civil litigation against the City and other related parties for violating her constitutional rights in relation to this incident.  The ACLU-WV is proud to have Alisyn as a client and looks forward to working with her to get justice for this violation of her rights.