In 2007 the ACLU of West Virginia filed a case on behalf of the Hartley Hill Hunt Club in Richie County, arguing against depriving individuals of their desired use of their private property for one full day out of the week during hunting seasons.

Unfortunately, the state Supreme Court did not agree with our argument, and left the decision on how landowners use their private property up to the voters of individual counties.

Tell House Judiciary that private landowners should be allowed to use their land as they see fit seven days a week.

We now have an opportunity to stand up for landowners again by supporting a bill (HB 4170) that would remove restrictions for hunting and trapping on private lands on Sunday. Twenty-one counties allow property owners to use their land as they see fit on Sunday. HB4170 would expand the freedom of landowners to allow hunting on private land on Sunday to the remaining thirty-four counties. The bill has been introduced to the house, reviewed by the Agriculture and Natural Resources committee, which recommended it to pass, and it is now awaiting review by the House Judiciary committee.

Stand up for West Virginia landowners and tell the House Judiciary Committee that the state motto is "Mountaineers are Always Free" and not "Mountaineers are Always Free, Monday through Saturday."

*Photo credit: By Nyttend (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons