The Crown Act protects against discrimination by adding to the West Virginia Human Rights Act traits commonly associated with race like hair texture and protective styles including braids and twists.

This particular type of discrimination is all too common for many Black people -- particularly women -- who often find their hair policed by dress codes in schools, in athletics, and in the workplace.

Black women are 30 percent more likely to be made aware of workplace appearance policies.

Black women are 80 percent more likely to change their hair style to “fit in” at the office.

In most states it’s legal for schools and workplaces to discriminate against natural hairstyles.

Black hair is professional. Black hair is neat. Stop the policing of black hair by passing the Crown Act.

In support of our partners at Our Children Our Future/WVHKFC and Call to Action for Racial Equality: CARE Coalition we ask that you call or email House Government Organization Chair Gary Howell (304) 340-3192 and ask that HB 4508 be placed on the Government Organization Committee agenda.

This kind of discrimination should have no place in West Virginia.