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Jamie Miller has worked closely as a volunteer with ACLU-WV and ACLU National over the past five years. She was also a key speaker at the Rights for All kickoff campaign in New Hampshire in 2019. She volunteers regularly at the West Virginia's only abortion access clinic as an escort and also volunteers for numerous other organizations throughout the state. Jamie has been an important voice in West Virginia through her art and activism and for the issues that are important here.

Having grown up on Campbells Creek, a hollow that has two coal mines and eight churches within a span of ten miles, she has seen her share of baptisms, church picnics, family love and family heartbreak, poverty and peril. Her grandfather gave his life to the coal mines, died of black lung and never learned to read or write. Her grandmother had a jr high education and instilled in her that she had to fight for what she wanted and was always good enough. They were the strongest people that she has known and it is because of them that she fights not only for herself but for rights for all.