At 1 p.m. today, Monday, November 16, the ACLU of West Virginia will be heading to the legislature for a hearing on the proposed youth facility in Logan: one of three new state-funded and privately operated out-of-home facilities for youth with mental and behavioral health needs.

This proposed facility also comes after a scathing report by the U.S. Department of Justice which found that West Virginia has systematically failed to develop in-home and community-based mental health services, putting children with needs at risk of unnecessary institutionalization. As a result, the state has "needlessly segregated thousands of children far from family and other important people in their lives."

Sign a petition to tell Governor Tomblin: Invest in community services, not for-profit institutions for children. Then, join us at the hearing as we advocate for community-based programs that cost less and are more effective long-term at reducing recidivism rates.

The Joint Legislative Committee on Children and Families
Monday, November 16 at 1 p.m.
Senate Judiciary Committee Room 208W
The WV state Capitol

Emily Read, staff attorney with the Balzeon Center in DC, will be testifying against the proposed facility and the ACLU will be on hand to answer questions as well. We also expect to hear the testimony about the details of the new proposed facility.

Sign MoveOn's petition to tell Governor Tomblin to shut down the construction of this facility.

Please join us for this important hearing. You can also listen to the committee hearing live via the West Virginia Legislature Live website (select Judiciary Room 208W) or follow us on Twitter (@aclu_wv) as a live tweet the meeting.