The First Amendment prohibits undue government interference with freedom of expression.  A bedrock principle of the ACLU is to protect and expand this fundamental right.  Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association and freedom of assembly have all been under attack in recent years.  

Freedom of Speech 

Net Neutrality -- Net Neutrality preserves free speech by stopping broadband providers from discriminating against certain content online.  With the internet functioning as, perhaps, the main way Americans exercise their free speech rights, net neutrality is absolutely vital in a free and functioning democracy. Download our one-pager

Dan Heyman Arrest - When local reporter, Dan Heyman, was arrested at the West Virginia State Capitol for asking Secretary Tom Price and Kellyanne Conway a question, we immediately stepped in to get him out of jail and get all charges dropped. Dan's arrest, incarceration and release made national news and showcased the continued and growing attacks on freedom of the press. Without a functioning and free press, accountability dies in our democracy. We are committed to fighting for reporters accesss to government to ensure transparency prevails in our democracy. 

John Oliver Sued By Coal Baron - After comedian John Oliver aired an episode of his television show, Last Week Tonight, about coal baron Bob Murray, the magnet and CEO sued Oliver, his show and the distributor for defemation of character. We filed a poignant amicus brief in support of Oliver calling out Murray's claims that gained national attention due to the use of humor and ultimately contributed to the lawsuit's dismissal.