First, Bob Murray threatened to sue John Oliver for being mean to him. Then, Bob actually did sue John Oliver for being mean to him. Eventually, the judge in the lawsuit rightfully decided to dismiss the case.

But if you think that’s where the comedic gold ends, you’re wrong.

Last month, Bob Murray sent a letter to the judge, complaining about his case being dismissed. In it, he complained about receiving “multiple insulting and threatening email and telephone messages,” including “Consume defecation, Bob.”

The judge, rightfully, forwarded a copy of the letter to John Oliver’s lawyers and posted the original letter on the case’s docket, making it public record.

Both the judge’s letter and Bob’s letter are works of art. Read both below.

Below is a statement from ACLU of WV Legal Director, Jamie Lynn Crofts on this latest development:

"Other than the fact that Bob Murray’s case against John Oliver is a ridiculous attempt to quell speech by abusing our legal system, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. With the disdain Mr. Murray has shown for our constitution and our legal system, I’m not surprised that he would also improperly try to influence a judge in this way (or with such a hilarious letter). Unfortunately for Bob, everything John Oliver has said on his show was and continues to be protected speech. It is, in fact, legal for anyone to say, 'Consume defecation, Bob.'"